Your own site at the internet

You offer something: Goods, services, events etc. ? Then you should use the opportunity to meet your target group with your own internet site and to win customers.

For this purpose I offer you a professional but nevertheless well-priced solution. See following the details:

gotop.gif Conception and realisation of internet sites

The establishing of internet sites can grow very complex and charge a lot of work at manual feed and maintenance. There are a number of tools for the layout of the pages which can be used well for a limited number of pages, but for the range of mid-sized or big sites occur problems of masses in handling and maintenance effort. Often there will be created a HTML-code by these tools, which is much too expendable and complex and moreover only is designed to use with the market leader among the browsers at the latest version. Professional content management systems in contrast are for the mid-sized user too complex and costly.

gotop.gif The strategy

On this account here I offer and provide a technique based on XML which on the one hand delivers the user already a prepackaged structure only to be filled on the other hand is sufficiently flexible to be change- and expandable. The creation of HTML-code is carried out in an optimized format by free software and the maintenance of the XML-data is possible either by an arbitrary text editor or by simple or professional XML editors.

The sites can be realised mono- or multilingual in a user-defined number of languages.

Process, system, functionality and generation are documented in detail.

gotop.gif The technics

Basical technique is the maintenance of the data in standardised and with procedure own tags endued XML files. Thereto conversion procedures are provided which base on the standardised language XSLT. The conversion and creation of the pages is carried out by the free software "XT".

The license does not contain the standardised structures of XML respectively XSLT or the thereby provided free software, but the in this process realised conversion structures and functionalities.

Prices on demand.

Publicly available documentations to the standardised techniques and the free software:

gotop.gif The maintenance

The maintenance of the data is made at standardised XML files. The provided process own documentation describes notations, parameters and content of the correspondig XML tag, so that the maintenance can be made by the licensee either by an arbitrary text editor or by simple or professional XML editors.

gotop.gif The offer

My offer contains:

  • Providing of the technique as unlimited not transferable and not realienatable license. The copyright for structures, procedures and documentation remains at the vendor (Documentation, program- and data-files as well as source code are provided likewise, modifications for own use are permitted).
  • Training on appointment
  • Current maintenance of the system (Licensee gets all bugfixings, extensions and improvements)
  • Initial data entry, if customer requirement *)
  • Current maintenance of the data, if customer requirement *)

*) These jobs of course can be done by the licensee himself.

Prices on demand.

gotop.gif The references

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